Internal / Memories from Media

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Confinement of memories and emotions

"Charlotte once ran away from me, outside the studio, and I grabbed her dress to stop her, to keep her near me. A yellow cotton dress I loved because it was too long for her. I still have a lemon-yellow mark on the palm of my right hand." (Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters / J.D.Salinger)

The memories stored in the body like sleeping with emotions, it is not easy to forget, sometimes sense involuntarily makes wake up them .

However, today, our physical body are dominated by various media, we both store "memories from reality" and "memories from media technology".

In this installation to wash hands causes images of ripple to be projected on water in glass bawl.

Ripple describe circles by 3 colors, the RGB color model:red, green, and blue, these are light's three primary colors in digital media.

By Washing hands, to release the confinement of memories and emotions into the water.

"I WASH U" could be like a ritual ablution of memories from media technology.

  • I wash U
    Drawing for the intallation I WASH U (2005)