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About Project ROSA

An exhibition about the nature of the color "PINK". Colors play an important role in our daily life. The way a certain color is used or understood depends on the culture in which it lies.

Here is an exhibition where two workgroups have come together to think of the nature of the color "PINK".

The workgroups consist of professors and students of the Tokyo Art University Painting department and the University of Bauhaus Weimar three-dimensional department.

Exhibited pieces will vary from painting and film to installations. Related art works by international artists will also complement the spectrum.
Participated Artists : David Robbins / David Cerny / Paul Armand Gette / Regula Dettwiler /Susanne Paesler / A12/ Max Mohr / Anton Henning / Makoto Aida / Emiko Kasahara / Asae Soya / Nishiyama Minako / Tamami Hitsuda / Mai Yamashiata+Naoto Kobayashi / Yu Mikajiri /Christiane Haase / Theresa Schubert / Cassandra Mehlhorn / Enrico Niemann/ Danny Schulz/ Frederike Lorenz/ Frida Bell Roth / Grit Hoehn / Prof. Liz Bachhuber / Kathrin Schaefer / Frederike Lorenz / Danny Schulz / Enrico Niemann / Kathrin Sachafer / Rie Ishii / Kazue Okada / Kiyomi Sato / Reiko Shitara / Shinji Soda / Zhang Jing Ru / Takafumi Tsuchiya / Linda Dennis / Maki Toshima / Haruna Nakayama / Adoka Niitsu / Masahiro Hasunuma / Fukasawa Kensaku / Stephanie Hotz / Miho Michikura / Mako Watanabe

Artistic Conception and leadership : Barbara Nemitz

Workshop "Colour: Pink" 6 -7 December 2004 Prof. Barbara Nemitz (artist, Weimar, Germany) Thomas von Taschitzki (arthistorian, Weimar, Germany) Prof. Yoshiaki Watanabe (artist, Tokyo Japan)
  • Rosa
  • Pink The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art and Culture
    Edited by Barbara Nemitz, texts by Hideto Fuse, Barbara Nemitz, Karl Schawelka, Thomas von Taschitzki

    "From the rosy tint of wind-reddened cheeks to the first flush of arousal, from cherry blossoms to PeptoBismol, pink is a sweet, intimate, fragile and sickening shade. Few colors trigger more contradictory associations and emotions--tender, childish, plastic, pornographic--or are so symbolic of both high and low culture. Pink is sometimes awkward, even embarrassing, but on the other hand it is enjoyed and associated with the idea of beauty.

    Artists of all hues, from Jean-Honore Fragonard to Pablo Picasso, Caspar David Friedrich, Louise Bourgeois, Sylvie Fleury or Pipilotti Rist, have studied it in their works. The examples collected here include those and more, featuring Caspar David Friedrich, the early Joseph Beuys, Willem De Kooning, Andy Warhol and Yves Klein, not to mention contemporaries like Christo, Nan Goldin, Vanessa Beecroft, Wolfgang Tillmans, Takashi Murakami and Pipilotti Rist.

    In addition, Pink gathers work by a group of young talents from the Bauhaus University in Weimar and the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where working students cooperated over an interactive web site to investigate the color's most current perceptions and uses. Their final selection suggests, among other things, that viewer reactions are determined by cultural factors.

    For example, the positive perception of pink in Japan seems strikingly masculine to the Western viewer; every year the country pauses to contemplate the pink blossoms of the cherry trees, which, after just a few days, drift like snow to the ground, symbols of the death of the samurai, who falls in the bloom of youth. As the cherry trees blossom, this book on the nature of pink makes its debut, an unusual intercultural discourse."

    English 2006. 320 pp., 283 color ills. 17,80 x 24,70 cm x 3.6cm Cover:velour Publisher : Hatje Cantz Publisher
    ISBN-10: 3775717714 / ISBN-13: 978-3775717717

    Hatje Cantz