WORKS / Piaffant!

Installation View : "Piaffant! Amorphous + Delusion + Obsession + Kinetics + Anonymousness", Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 2007

Boundary / Identify as Anonymous
Video Installation

Installation view

(detail / Painting for screen)
acrylic on canvas, size 99cm x 128cm

/ Discription /

I made this installation during stay at Cité internationale des arts in Paris. It was my first experience to stay abroad for a long period and my communication skill was not good at that I was thinking about identify oneself by meeting many different people.

This is an interactive installation using Computer and Projector. Audience's face monitored by computerized video camera, and projected on a screen (Painting on canvas, size 99x128cm) like a mirror but also like a mask or veil, one's face become anonymous.

In addition, projected images effected in real time by many people's voices which recorded before.

/ Matériel /
Projecteur video, Caméra, Ordinateur, Enceintes, Ecran (peints sur toiles), canapé, etc.

"Watashi wa ADOKA desu (I am ADOKA) -Piaffant!", Sound piece, 3:37, 2007