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Massage Installation M
"The medium is the message / massage"
Direct / Active and Passive
Interactive Installation
Installation view
Screen images
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Installation View : "Euphoria/ADOKASEO",
Art Space JYoung, Seoul, Corée du sud, 2005

/ Description /

“It is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action." (Marshall McLuhan. "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man", 1964)

One person with pressure sensors attached sits down on a chair. Another person gives the first person a massage, and the action causes images to be projected on a two screens , one for each participant.

Red room is for the person who gives massage. Blue room is for the person who is given massage. There is a connecting hole between Red room and Blue room.

Object will getting bigger, will distort, and color will change by strength of massage, and come down to Blue room from Red room.

/ Concept /

This interactive installation suggest that what we consider as communication in reality can also be considered communication dominated by media.

The idea of selecting an active or passive, to be massage or be massaged, is to make you feel the stream of information and desire in communication.

This artwork was Niitsu's first interactive installatin, and which was inspired by Marshall McLuhan's famous aphorism, "The medium is the messege" and "The media is the massage"(*1) which is title of piquant book about understanding Media.

She also inspired by Bruce Nauman's work "Live-Taped Video Corridor"(*2) known as "Corridor Installation".

*1....Marshall McLuhan "The medium is the messege"

*2....Bruce Nauman "Live-Taped Video Corridor"(1970)

/ Material /
Video Projector, Pressure Sensor, A/D convertor, Computer, Speakers, Wood panel, Plastic bord, Half-transparent Screen, Chair etc.

/ Exhibition history /
"electropti-Alternative Future", Gallery Spiral Garden, Tokyo. 2000
"Media Select2000-Resolution", Port of Nagoya, Japan, 2000
"Euphoria/ADOKASEO", Art Space JYoung, Seoul, Korea, 2005
"TAP2005 Open Studio", Toride-city, Ibaraki, Japan, 2005
"Active and Passive", LAGALERIE, Paris, France, 2009