WORKS / Initial A and A'

Initial A
Lithograph, Arches 250g, 57cm x 76cm, Limited Edition of 10 + 13 AP, Signed and numbered by pencil by the artist, 2012

Worked on the lithographic stone and printed at l'atelier IDEM Paris under support of The Ohki Foundation
Public Collection: BnF The National Library of France, Paris

Initiale A'
Digital image data
Open edition, Size variable, Color changeable, Support changeable, 2012

Initial A is Niitsu's first lithographic print in her research project at a historical print shop called Atelier IDEM in Paris.

For her initial foray into lithography Niitsu utilizes an ink wash technique to create her spontaneous patterns on the limestone. This allows her to establish a dialogue with the uniqueness of each individual stone.

This print shop has used the same lithographic limestones and printing presses for over 100 years. At IDEM she learned that invention of the lithography was the starting point of the reproducible image and mass media.

Whereas, Initial A' is an artwork that was scanned and created from the image of lithography Initial A. It will exist in several different forms such as prints, video animation and installation work.